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Browse through a wide variety of maritime jobs, build your CV, or get in touch with our recruiters for personal support.

Find your next
Maritime Job

Browse through a wide variety of maritime jobs, build your CV, or get in touch with our recruiters for personal support.

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No. When you create a profile on JobWave, your details are only shared with our team. We will never disclose your profile or personal information to any company without your explicit consent. If you are interested in a particular company, you can express your interest by applying for one of their job openings. Only after you initiate an application will the employer be able to view your details.
JobWave operates globally, accessible anywhere with internet access; however, our primary clients are based in Western Europe.
You have the option to simply upload your CV to your profile. However, by completing the JobWave Profile, you can easily update your experience and details and generate a PDF CV tailored for maritime employers. We've observed that job seekers with completed profiles tend to receive higher response rates from employers when applying.
JobWave earns revenue by charging employers for job postings, brand pages, and specialized recruitment services. We are committed to never charging job seekers for our platform or services.
No, JobWave respects the privacy of our users and we will never sell or share personal information or user details with third parties.
No, there is no need to cancel your JobWave account if you have found a job. You can simply update your account status to 'Not looking for something new'. Our recruiters may check in with you from time to time to see how you are doing, but you will not receive any job offers