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A safe port to board new ships

At JobWave, our mission is to create a secure and reliable platform for maritime professionals worldwide to access high-quality job opportunities in the maritime industry. Our platform and dedicated talent managers are committed to finding the best fit for every job seeker by engaging in personal conversations and assisting them in optimizing their profiles. On the employer side, we ensure that only those who adhere to the MLC 2006 agreement are allowed to use our platform, ensuring fair and compliant working conditions for our job seekers.

We do this by engaging in personal conversations and help job seekers to optimise their profiles. On the other side we only allow employers on the platform that respect the MLC 2006 agreement.

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Taking on the globe step by step

At JobWave, we strive to have a presence in as many countries as possible to better serve our clients. Our team currently has local representation in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Cyprus. This local presence and knowledge of the specific markets is vital in providing high-quality services for both job seekers and companies. With local access to authorities, we can ensure that job seekers are provided with fair and compliant working conditions and companies are able to find the right talent for their job openings.

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