How to create your Company Profile with JobWave!

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8 months ago

How to create your Company Profile with JobWave today!

Creating an employer profile on our JobWave Platform offers a multitude of benefits for your hiring needs. With your own profile, you gain the ability to post and manage job vacancies tailored to your organization's requirements. Moreover, you can seamlessly review and connect with applicants who express interest in your specific job advertisements.

This streamlined process enhances your recruitment efficiency, ensuring that you find the most suitable candidates for your team. Join us today to experience the convenience and effectiveness of managing your recruitment efforts through JobWave's user-friendly platform.  Follow these 9 simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose "FOR EMPLOYERS" section

Jobwave platform login

You will be redirected to our Employers section 

Jobwave platform login

Step 2: Choose LOG IN and press on Create a free account

Jobwave platform login create a free account

Step 3: Fill in Your details and choose SIGN UP

Jobwave platform login

Step 4: Verify your email address

Jobwave platform verify email address

Step 5: Await Verification.

The person filling in his personal details and E-mail will be your company profile administrator. Once the account is active additional users can be added and deleted by the admin to co manage the company profile. 

Jobwave platform await verification

Step 6: Verification Confirmation

Our team wants to ensure only high quality employers join our network. We therefore manually check every company before allowing them on the platform. It could be you receive a phone call from us to check-in with you and welcome you on our platform. 

Jobwave platform verification confirmation

Step 7: Log in

When you log in you will always start on your dashboard. Here you will have a quick view of the latest applicants and stats like the amount of views your ads have generated. Important, your profile will need some work before you are able to post and manage job advertisements and/or brand pages. 

Jobwave platform login

Step 8: Fill in your Company details and logo 

Jobwave platform company details and logo

Step 9: Add your company address and press on ADD and then press on  Update profile

Jobwave platform company address

Congratulations you have now successfully created your company profile!

Jobwave platform company profile

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