Why you should complete your profile to 100%

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8 months ago

Why you should complete your profile to 100%

Welcome to JobWave! We're thrilled to have you join our global seafarer job platform. Your journey to finding the perfect offshore job begins now. Signing up was just the first step. What comes next is crucial - completing your profile. 

How to know that your profile is complete

 Once you log in, you have to go to your Profile on the left side column and you will see your PROFILE COMPLETION score on the top right corner of your screen.  Your journey to a complete profile is all about turning that frowning smiley into a joyful one. When you scroll on the score next to the smiley, you'll discover a helpful checklist to guide you through the process.  You may find more details on how to properly complete your profile in the following article "How to register as a seafarer on JobWave"


Easy Applying:

With a detailed JobWave profile, applying for jobs becomes a breeze. Employers can access your information in a uniform and structured way, eliminating the need to sift through a lengthy CV. They know exactly where to find the key details, streamlining their evaluation process. This means that your application is more likely to catch their attention, ensuring that you stand out among the sea of candidates.

Always an Up-to-Date CV

Your JobWave profile acts as a dynamic representation of your professional journey. Whenever you need to make changes due to a new job opportunity or any career advancement, simply log into your account and update the relevant sections. Your CV remains current, ensuring that you consistently present your most compelling self to potential employers.

JobWave profile

Notifications When Stuff Expires

JobWave takes the stress out of managing documents and certifications with expiration dates. Any such documents you upload to your profile trigger email notifications 60 and 30 days before they expire. This proactive feature ensures you're always in control of your credentials, ready for the next career step.


Better Job Suggestions

JobWave doesn't just store your data; it leverages it to your advantage. Our algorithm reads your profile and suggests fitting job opportunities, enhancing your job search experience. Moreover, our recruiters can more easily hand-pick you for exciting opportunities when we have all your data in our system. With a complete JobWave profile, you're not just a candidate but a top choice for employers looking for a perfect match. Your job search becomes not only more effective but also more personalized and tailored to your career aspirations.

Better Job Suggestions

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