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The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group is your partner for all logistical tasks and transports in European inland shipping. It integrates inland shipping, shipping , forwarding, chartering, port- and warehouse logistics , ship freighting, transportation by ship, combined traffic and transport services .

Comprehensive transport service in the exchange of goods to and from all continents, information and advice – these are the tasks in the transport market of today and tomorrow. In order to ensure technical reliability and profitability, in-depth specialist knowledge is required. With over 100 years of experience in the name, the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group can also provide this know-how for all future projects.


The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group, headquartered in Regensburg, is one of the leading shipping companies in alternating traffic from the Danube to Western Europe with a comprehensive range of forwarding services. The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group has modern motor cargo ships, push and coupling convoys that transport loads of all kinds in dry and container transport. Customized door-to-door transport concepts are offered for combined transport . The fair treatment of customers, partners and its employees is the basis of the traditional BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group.


On the inland waterways from the ARA ports to the Black Sea, the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group operates around the clock, 365 days a year, on approx. 3800 km. Having regard to its own fleet and the access to the European Partikulierraum freighted the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Schifffahrts AG a rich and very diverse range of products . From extensive project loads, such as: wind turbines, bridge and building constructions to agricultural and mining products, we are a reliable partner for the trade, construction and industrial trades in inland shipping.



The BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group has high-performance handling and storage facilities for bulk, piece goods and special goods at important locations . Spacious terminals are available for receiving and distributing goods. Modern and function-specific work equipment, cranes, loading bridges and floor conveyor systems form the basis for the smooth and efficient handling of goods. Complete support for the entire logistics process is just as much part of the range of services as warehousing.



The smooth combination of different transport routes , from water to road, rail and air transport, is part of the day-to-day business of the BAYERISCHER LLOYD Group. In addition to their own vehicles, numerous reliable contractual partners form the basis of the transport concept. The strengths of ships, trains, trucks and airplanes are used sensibly and economically in the interests of the shippers and the environment. The implementation of a transport order thus achieves a high degree of effectiveness. These partnerships make it possible to process unit weights of up to and over 1,000 t to North and South America, China, Africa, the Near and Far East.


At Bayerischer Lloyd, employees thrive in an environment steeped in excellence and innovation. The company champions a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere where high safety standards and quality assurance are integral. Staff members are encouraged to embrace continuous learning, contributing to their fields within the maritime sector. This culture not only maintains Bayerischer Lloyd's esteemed reputation but also ensures a fulfilling and progressive career path for its dedicated workforce.

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