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Joining our team means embarking on a journey where your talents are recognized, nurtured, and celebrated, contributing to the larger goal of advancing the maritime industry.

Who We Are

At Delta Marine Crewing, we are more than just a crewing agency; we are a team deeply rooted in the maritime community of Vlissingen. Our identity is shaped by our passion and commitment to bringing together employers and seafarers, ensuring that maritime projects around the globe continue with the right crew on board. Our daily endeavor revolves around creating a synergy that keeps the maritime world moving forward, with each member of our team playing a crucial role in this mission.

What We Do

Our expertise lies in our global reach and deep understanding of our clients' businesses. Regardless of the sector - be it merchant shipping, towing, offshore, dredging, tanker shipping, yachting, ship delivery, or heavy lifting - we excel in finding the perfect seafarers for each unique project. Our worldwide office network enables us to achieve this with remarkable speed and efficiency. We take pride in our ability to understand not only the professional needs of our clients but also the personal strengths and aspirations of our employees. This dual insight makes our intermediation activities personal, swift, and remarkably effective.


Mission and Vision

Our mission at Delta Marine Crewing is centered around the optimal execution of maritime projects. We believe in putting the right person in the right place, ensuring that each project is not just completed, but excelled. Our vision extends beyond the immediate needs of a project; we aim to create a future where every maritime endeavor is enhanced by the perfect alignment of skill and opportunity. We strive for excellence in every undertaking, big or small, ensuring that our clients receive the same level of service and attention, irrespective of the project's scale.


Working for Delta Marine Crewing

Working with us means being part of a team that values continuity, development, openness, and transparency. Our crewing process is efficient and fast-paced - we start searching for the ideal crew member the moment a vacancy arises, ensuring professional and motivated staffing. We believe in the pleasure of working through personal development. Our focus is not just on professional knowledge but also on the personal growth of our employees. This approach guarantees that our seafarers continually evolve, and our clients enjoy the benefits of a skilled and enthusiastic workforce.

Our offices


We have offices in Vlissingen (NL), Croatia, Portugal, Ukraine, Manila and Jakarta. Check our Website to see the contact details of each branch office.

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